In 1944, cousins Lionel Lockhart and Harold Adamson became partners and formed Lockson, a new UK-based shipping company specializing in the shipment of goods from the UK to worldwide locations. Shortly thereafter, they created a special service to meet the needs of several American clients who came to the UK to purchase antiques and required safe, reliable transport back to the US. The demand for this speciality grew quickly and Lockson's expertise expanded in kind.

After Harold Adamson's death in 1954, Lionel's wife Anne Lockhart became Company Secretary, and along with directors Peggy Griffiths and David Armitage, Lockson continued to thrive, becoming widely known for excellence in packing, shipping and storage of fine art and antiques. After Lionel's untimely death in 1987, Anne took over as Chairperson, which she remained until 1997. She appointed as joint Managing Directors her son Adam Lockhart, who had joined Lockson in 1976, and Bob King, who had been with the company since 1969. Lockhart and King developed a new business program aimed at expanding Lockson's client base and capabilities. In 2000, Adam ventured to the US to open a New York Area office. Karen Bagot, previously with The Packing Shop, joined Lockson in 2002.

Today, Lockson's extensive knowledge, personal care and detailed attention
give clients worldwide the peace of mind in knowing their precious art,
antiques and special care items are in the hands of experts.


Adam Lockhart

Bob King
Managing Director

Karen Bagot
President of Marketing and Operations

Highly trained, professional art handlers prepare items for transport utilizing extreme care and expertise.

US - 20,000 sq. ft. temperature-controlled
warehouse, centrally located in Secaucus,
NJ. All merchandise is carefully
bar coded and scanned for precise
handling, storage and
monitoring with the latest state-of-
the-art computer monitoring system.

UK - 26,000 sq. ft. warehouse, with secure internal loading facilities,
located on the east side of London.
State-of-the-art security, incorporating remote CCTV monitoring. Case making plant and internal container storage.

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